Denelle & Tom Ellis: A Married Couple

Denelle + Tom Ellis are a married photography duo that practice from their home business, Peanut Factory Studio, a daylight photographic studio in the East End of London.

After meeting on the overground train home one night, they were married 6 months later and immediately began working together. They have collaborated with brands such as Gucci + PolaroidOriginals and photographed many influential musicians and personalities. In their personal work, the couple explore the stereotypical ideologies of genre performance and the tensions that lie between them both past and present.

Denelle + Tom’s personal series of self portraits portrays the satirical view on traditional marriage. Inspired by their own lives and experiences, the duo create snapshots of themselves in a fantasy world built within their studio and on location in Florida.

After being diagnosed with a chronic illness early in their relationship, the couple decided to reimagine their first year of marriage by creating characters for themselves to reflect their own hyper-idealised identities.

Their practice aims to highlight tensions between husband and wife, simultaneously highlighting the power of photography to influence a perceived reality.

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